About Karl Foxley

Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, and Social Media Expert

karl foxley lead digital marketer, social media advertiser and web designer for dkp marketing

About Karl Foxley

Karl Foxley is an experienced digital marketer, specialising in SEO (search engine optimisation), Google Analytics, PPC (pay-per-click advertising), social media marketing and management, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and many other areas.

Karl has worked online for the past 10 years, alongside his 20 years working in education. Karl helps individuals and businesses, to create websites that look amazing and are tailored to specific user goals (conversions for sales, opt-ins for lead generation, etc). Karl originally started making money online by selling on places like eBay and then Amazon, before branching out into affiliate marketing.

Karl has spent the past 7 years providing digital marketing services, chiefly SEO, as a white-label service to web design freelancers and companies. Karl decided to start DKP Marketing to merge his passions for teaching and digital marketing, allowing him to work directly with clients and provide them with the best possible service without the constraints of being a white-label service provider (which often comes with a lot of restrictions). You can read articles written by Karl on the DKP Marketing blog and see his passion for helping people to help themselves through education, and the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

If you wish to speak to Karl directly about your project, please use visit the contact us page or reach out on the following social media accounts.

A quick word from Karl.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising should be driven by data, tested, improved, and retested until a campaign is optimised for maximum results. I look forward to personally working with you on your project.

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