How To Install a New Design or Theme For Your Derby Business Website

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to install a new design, template or theme for your Derby business website.

This is the last step in the series.

The previous steps can be found here:

  1. How to Register a Domain Name
  2. How to Set Up a Web Hosting Account
  3. How to Point DNS to Host
  4. How to Install a Website Platform for Your Derby Business Website
  5. How to Install a New Design or Theme (You are here)

You can quickly and effortlessly change the design of the majority self-hosted platforms, and some ‘hosted for you’ platforms, by installing a template or theme.

I will show you some options that are available to your for you to explore yourself.

I will then show you how to install a free WordPress theme quickly and easily so you can see the drastic changes you can make yourself.

Lastly, I will show you how to install a premium WordPress theme (a theme that you will have to purchase).

Please note: I only recommend tools that I personally use and have used. Certain links on this page do contain a referral link, also known as an affiliate link. It works like this, I tell you about an amazing product or service, you click on the link and make a purchase, I earn a commission.

It is a way of saying thank you from the company for sending them a new customer, and by using the affiliate links, you are helping me to create even better content that will help you be more successful with your business. You can find a link to the DKP Marketing affiliate disclosure policy in the footer of the site for further information.

Let’s get started.

Where Can I Find Website Templates and Themes?

There are literally lots of options when it comes to finding a template or theme for your website.

I will show you a small sample of options that are available via ThemeForest.

I will link to additional resources at the end of this tutorial.

Let’s take a look at your options.


Joomla is a popular content management system that you host yourself. They also have a hosted version.

Flex – Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

joomla flex template

Flex is the number one selling Joomla template with page builder that boasts lots of flexibility.

Click here to see the Flex live preview

Jollyany – Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

jollyany multi purpose joomla template

Jollyany is a multi-purpose Joomla template complete with 11 pre-built websites.

Click here to see the Jollyany live preview


WooCommerce is a flexible, open source ecommerce solution built on WordPress.

StarBella – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

wooxon - woocommerce WordPress theme

Wooxon is a professional online store theme built exclusively for for online shopping and any online digital store.

Click here to see the Wooxon live preview

Lebe – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme (RTL Supported)

Lebe multipurpose woocommerce theme

Lebe WooCommerce theme boasts lots of customer enhancing features such as advanced variant swatches, sidebar cart edited.

Click here to see the Lebe live preview


Drupal is a popular CMS that makes managing a self-hosted website an easy process.

Winnex – Responsive Business Drupal Theme

drupal winnex theme

Winnex is the perfect Drupal theme for business consultants. The theme comes complete with an easy content / page builder.

Click here to see the Winnex live preview

Vitaco– Responsive Business Drupal Theme

drupal vitaco theme

Vitaco is a responsive business theme for Drupal. The design is modern and clean, ideal for any service based business.

Click here to see the Vitaco live preview


Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform. This service is a hosted for you platform.

Ella – Responsive Shopify Templates

shopify ella theme

Ella is an all-in-one Shopify template with multiple layouts and styles that allows you to create different structures.

Click here to see the Ella live preview

Wokiee – Multipurpose Shopify Theme

wokiee shopify theme

Wokiee is a Shopify theme that boasts being a powerful design tool, allowing you to have greater control to the look and feel of your ecommerce store.

Click here to see the Wokiee live preview


WordPress, found at, is the self-hosted platform version of the hosted-for-you

The self-hosted version gives you access to more community features not available at, such as a large range of themes and plugins.

Ave – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

wordpress ave theme

Ave is a multipurpose WordPress theme with 200+ beautiful pre-built templates, various layouts, an intuitive visual editor and high-speed performance.

Click here to see the Ave live preview

ContentBerg – Content Marketing & Personal Blog Theme

Contentberg wordpress theme

Contentberg is the ideal content marketing theme, for readable and beautiful blogs. This theme is the complete package for bloggers, writers, and serious content marketers.

Click here to see the Contentberg live preview

Now let’s install a WordPress Theme.

How To Install A WordPress Theme

Installing a WordPress theme will drastically change the way your site looks and feels.

WordPress has a large array of free themes available to you. You also gain access to a large dedicated community of premium theme developers and designers.

Additionally, WordPress has a large number of visual page builders that allow you easily customise any theme or build your own from scratch.

In the visual page builder space you will find ElementorDivi, and Cornerstone among many others.

Installing a theme is easy and can be done in a few ways.

I will cover how to install a free theme directly from your WordPress admin dashboard and install a premium theme .zip file.

You can install a theme using an FTP client or your host accounts file manager. I will create a separate how to article for this and link to it when it is available.

How Do I Install A Free WordPress Theme?

Installing a free theme is very quick and easy. For this tutorial I will use the Hello Elementor theme.

hello elementor theme

Before you continue, the downside to many free themes is they do not come with demo content or pre-built layouts.

Demo content or pre-built layouts gives you a quick way of getting your theme to look just like the ‘demo’ of the theme. You simply download the pre-built layout or demo content after you’ve installed the theme.

This is a common option in premium themes. You’ll have to experiment with the free themes to see if demo content is available.

Once imported, you can then edit and delete the demo content/pre-built layout as you wish.

All this being said, Hello Elementor is an Elementor theme and has great support.

To install a free WordPress theme follow these steps.

wordpress appearance themes

Now, you can find for a theme using a few different search criteria.

add themes search by filter

(1) You can search for a theme by ‘Featured’, ‘Popular’, Latest’, Favorites’, or by ‘Feature Filter’. (2) You can also perform a ‘Search’.

The ‘Feature Filter’ allows you perform a search based on your pre-selected criteria, allowing for greater granular control.

wordpress feature filter

(1) Select your filters based on ‘Subject’, (2) ‘Features’ and/or (3) ‘Layout’. (4) Click on ‘Apply Filters’ to return a search based on your selected required features.

To ‘search’ for a theme using the search feature, type a keyword directly into the search bar.

search for a wordpress theme

Find a theme using any of these methods and select one that meets your business website requirements.

wordpress theme preview

Hovering your cursor over a theme will allow you to ‘Preview’ or ‘Install’ it. Some previews will not look like the actual theme demo because it may require the installation of certain plugins or you may need to import demo content.

install free wordpress theme

Click on ‘Install’ to install your desired theme. The theme will now begin the installalation process.

activate theme

‘Activate’ the theme.

Now you could be presented with different options based on the theme you installed.

installed wordpress hello theme

You will see a notification that says (1) ‘New theme activated’. The Hello Elementor theme I have installed recommends I (2) ‘Install Elementor’ a visual page builder mentioned above. Click on (3) ‘Customize’ to see the options for your currently active theme.

Now you have installed a free theme, it is time to install a premium theme.

How To Install A Premium WordPress Theme

An amazing benefit to purchasing a premium theme is that many come with premium plugins as part of their design, often saving you hundreds of pounds if you were to separately purchase the plugins.

I will install a premium WordPress theme from ThemeForest, The7.

The theme includes six premium plugins.

You will also be spoilt for design choice, as The7 has 40+ pre-made websites that you can install with the automated 1-click installation.

the 7 theme

Click here to search ThemeForest for a WordPress theme

There are other premium theme providers that you can use.

Click here to browse TeslaThemes themes

Click here browse StudioPress themes

Click here to browse Themify themes

Installing a premium theme involves a few extra steps that were not required to install the free theme.

You will have to download the theme .zip file to your computer and then upload this to your WordPress admin dashboard, before running the installer..

Let’s install The7 premium theme.

If you purchase a premium theme from a different theme provider, the steps will be similar at the point of downloading the .zip file for your theme. At this point, the steps will be the same.

Head over to ThemeForest and sign-up with the site. After you purchase a theme, you will find it in your downloads area underneath your ‘user’ icon.

theme forest downloads

On the downloads page, you will see all your purchases. If this is your first purchase, it will show just your newly purchased theme files.

download installable wordpress files only

Click on ‘Installable WordPress files only’ to download your theme files. If you download ‘All files & documentation’, you will have to extract the folder and locate your theme .zip file contained inside.

Download your theme to a location that makes sense to you. I’m using a PC, but the steps will be similar on other platforms.

Head back to your WordPress admin dashboard.

wordpress appearance themes

Go to ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Themes’, just like with the free theme installation process we followed above.

add new theme

Click ‘Add New’.

upload theme

Now click ‘Upload Theme’.

locate theme file

Locate your theme .zip file and (1) select it. Click on (2) ‘Open’.

install now

Click on ‘Install Now’ to run the theme installer.

theme installed successfully

You will see a ‘Theme installed successfully’ message. Finally, click ‘Activate’.

Your premium theme will now be ‘live’. This means the default theme will have changed to your newly installed premium theme.

The theme customization/option page will differ depending on what premium theme you have uploaded.

The7 theme provides quick access to install a premade layout so that it looks the same as the demo site. Many premium themes have this option.

import a premade site

(1) Confirms that you’ve installed the theme. (2) This is where you put your purchase code. Other theme developers require an API to verify your purchase, giving you access to theme updates and support. (3) This is where you go to ‘Import a pre-made site’.

Congratulations, you’ve changed the look of your Derby business website and made it represent your brand and goals.

What Now?

Now you have installed a theme for your business site, it is time to start adding your content and adding contact forms, etc.

If you need help with this, please contact us.

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