How to Point DNS to Host for Your Derby Business Website

point dns to host

In this tutorial, I will show you how to point DNS to host for your Derby business website.

This is the third step in the series on your journey to website ownership.

To get your Derby business website online you will need:

  1. How to Register a Domain Name
  2. How to Set Up a Web Hosting Account
  3. How to Point DNS to Host (You are here)
  4. How to Install a Website Platform for Your Derby Business Website
  5. How to Install a New Design or Theme

You will need a the domain your registered from step 1, and the hosting account you registered in step 3, to proceed.

You will be using both to complete this step.

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Why Do I Need to Point DNS to Host?

To be able to point DNS to host, you will need some information from your hosting account. This information is the ‘nameservers’ where your files live.

A web hosting account is where you website files live. It is also the place that your domain name will have to point to so that your visitors see your website files.

When people type your domain name into a browser address bar, the domain tells the browser where your files live – points to your website files on the server provided by your hosting account.

domain url in browser address bar

Web hosting providers have large computers, called servers, that store the files of your website. You can edit these files through an FTP client or directly through the file management system available through your hosting account cPanel.

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NOTE: SiteGround are updating their backend so things may look different by the time you read this article. I will place an updated link to this step when it becomes available.

How to Point Your DNS to Your Hosting Account

Visit SiteGround and ‘Login’

siteground login

You’ll locate the login link at the top of the SiteGround homepage.

You will arrive at your ‘admin’ area after successfully signing into your account.

go to cpanel

(1) Click on ‘My Accounts’ and then (2) click on ‘Go to cPanel’.

The information you need (name servers) will be at the top right of your cPanel area, found underneath the ‘Account Information’ section.

name servers

Your name server information will start with ‘ns1’ and ‘ns2. Some hosting providers give you more nameservers but your SiteGround package will typically only have the two.

Remember this information. You’ll need it in a minute. Copy it into a text file or open Namecheap in a new browser tab/window.

namecheap login

On the Namecheap homepage, click on ‘Sign In’ located at the top of the page.

Inside your admin area you will be presented with your registered domains.

click on manage

Next to the domain you will be using for your Derby business website, click on ‘Manage’.

Scroll to where it says ‘Nameservers’.

namecheap nameserves

Change Namecheap BasicDNS to show the ‘Custom DNS’ input fields.

custom dns

(1) Enter your ‘SiteGround’ information that you copied from the step above. (2) Click the green tick to save the changes.

That’s it!

Now we can install a website platform.

What Now?

The next step will be to install a website platform. Click on the link below to do that now.

How to Install a Website Platform for Your Derby Business Website

If you arrived on this page and missed the previous step, click on the link below.

How to Set Up a Hosting Account For Your Derby Business Website

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