Full-Service Digital Marketing

Your customers are actively searching online for your products and services. Stop losing them to your competitors. We help them find you first!

Data-Driven Marketing

We use data to drive our marketing campaigns. We use Analytics data, competitor analysis data, and more, to build a comprehensive picture of your target audience, what content they consume, and where to reach them where they are most active online with our promotional messages. 

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SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, and more

Digital marketing is a mixture of many specialisms. DKP Marketing takes the time to get to know you, your business, and your business goals, so we can design a marketing campaign that gives the best ROI (return-on-investment). We help you improve the content of your website, capture your visitors’ information with lead generations, and then build relationships through email marketing, video marketing, and our other specialisms.

We Are Your Digital Marketing Partner

Never worry about staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and best practices, we use our years of experience to build your brand, engage your audience, grow your email list, convert your visitors into customers, and more. Let us power-up your marketing so you can focus on your business.  

Content Creation

We use the words that resonate best with your audience to sell your products and services. We also create content that your visitors will love to consume and share with their friends and followers on their social media platforms.

On-Site SEO

We specialise in search engine optimisation, and improve the position of a website in the major search engines with our on-site SEO.  We use only recommend best practices as laid out by Google and Bing. 


Technical SEO

We dig deep into the code of your website to ensure it is readable by the search engines, and create robots.txt files and sitemaps. We then optimise HTML, CSS, Javascript, and compress images, etc. for fast website loading times.


Keyword Research

We dig deep into the data that drives your competitors businesses and to discover what they are ranking for, what their visitors type in the search engines to find them, and build a content plan that is hyper-focused to your audience. 

Local SEO

We improve your listings in local listings with our knowledge of local search engine optimisation. We help you be present where your customers are searching and give you the competitive each over the competition.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Our PPC and search engine marketing allows you to get instant traffic to your website, test your offers, improve your marketing messages, and increase conversion rates. We get you targeted visitors for the best cost-per-click rates.

Video Creation and Promotion

Video is one of the best ways to capture your audiences attention. You’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million. Video is an engagement powerhouse and we can help you engage your audience with high quality video content.

Email Marketing

Do not waste an opportunity to capture an email from your visitors, so you can build a relationship with them through email. We can help by writing white papers, email courses, newletters, etc. and create lead capture forms and autoresponder series.

Affiliate Marketing

We specialise in affiliate marketing and affiliate account management. Build an army of brand advocates who promote your offering, write about your service, review your products, as your affiliates. We find the best brand advocates to promote your products and services.

Why Work With Us

DKP Marketing provides a complete Digital Marketing and Design service to help you reach your business goals. We start by looking at your current website, how well it is optmised for the major search engines and how easily it can be shared across social media channels, and we then dig deep into the ‘data’.

"Handing over my Digital Marketing to DKP Marketing was an easy decision to make, we saw results within the first week.

– Acme Corp, Owern, James Brent

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