Paid Search That Sends Targeted And Interested Visitors To Your Lead Capture Pages & Your Highest Converting Offers

Your customers are actively searching for your product or service online. We help them find you. You see, it isn’t enough to have a website. You need a website that is goal-focused and designed to turn your visitors into leads and your leads into customers. With an optimised website, offer or product page in place, it is time to create well written and high converting ads that inspire ‘action’ from the people that see them.

Paid search, PPC (pay-per-click marketing and management), is a way to quickly and effectively test the viability of an offer by sending instant traffic directly from Google, Bing and other paid advertising networks.

Wherever people are search, and on whatever device, we give your brand maximum exposure at the optimal price.

pay per click advertising and management


85.6% of searches in the UK are performed on Google. AdWords should be an integral part of your paid media strategy. Driven by data and a keen-eye on ROI, we aim for continuous account optimisation and thorough bid management.


Google Shopping is key to driving performance for any retailer and enjoys higher conversion rates than those found from search ads. We build tailored Shopping strategies that help you to get your products in front of the most relevant customers.


In 2015, mobile overtook desktop for the first time for the number of searches performed and the growth of mobile continues year on year. We use high impact mobile advertising with mobile-specific ad copy designed to increase interaction such as -app downloads, lengthen app engagement, with the focus on extending the lifetime value from mobile users.


With 300 hours of video uploaded every minute and 4 billion video views per day, YouTube is a platform that should be seriously considered when thinking about your PPC campaign. We are able to offer non-intrusive, engagement-based video promotion across YouTube. Great for increasing brand awareness and driving to people to your site


Imagine being able to remind your visitors that do not purchase from your website about your products that they have viewed previously. Remarketing gives you the ability to do exactly that. It works by showing ads to people who have previously visited your site and mobile app and left without buying anything. Remarketing enables you to reconnect with them by showing relevant ads as they browse the web, use mobile apps or search on Google. Dynamic remarketing includes the products or services that people viewed on your site with the ads, delivering customised high-performance ads. Google Ads remarketing provides well-timed touch points to drive your customers to your website and app when they’re most engaged.


Display advertising is one of the most powerful ways to grab the attention of your audience. Display is a specific form of PPC marketing where ads appear on third party websites next to content that’s relevant to your product or the interest to your target audience. By utilising re-targeting, we can show hyper relevant ads to consumers who have previously connected and/or engaged with your brand. These are your high value potential customers that you can nurture.

Your Website Is A Powerful Marketing Asset And PPC Gives You The Tools To Connect With Your Potential Customers

Your website is the place to fully control your brand, voice, content types, and how you interact with your customers. PPC gives you the ability to share that message with people as they search the web with your highly optimised ad copy.

We delve deep into the data of your audience to build pay per click marketing campaigns and PPC management to grow your business. You have a great website and amazing products that your audience will love – PPC is the quickest way to connect the two.


I wanted my website to look good and serve a purpose. That purpose was for my visitors to be able to learn more about my services and have a way to contact me for further information, or to book a session. That is exactly what I got and I couldn’t be happier. Working with DKP Marketing was a positive experience and I cannot rate them highly enough. 

Sandy Johal – Physiotherapist

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Working with us couldn’t be easier. We highly recommend you book a discovery session so we can learn more about your business, audience, and goals. Keep reading to learn more about our process.




We need to learn about your business, audience, and goals to create a project proposal that encompasses a realistic scope of work. This project scope will include the projected completion date and the total cost of the project. This is where we formulate ideas, goals, requirements, and undertake research.


We now start the design process, creating the general outline of your PPC strategy. The ‘design’ at this stage is not complete, and is used to gather feedback ready for the development stage. We undertake a lot of data analysis at this stage ready to move your PPC strategy to the development stage.


With a clear vision of your PPC strategy, it is now developed into a pay per click marketing campaign, keywords and content are created, and ad copy is drafted, tweaked, improved, and finalised.


The process of deployment will vary from project to project, but at this stage, your PPC campaign will be deployed and tracking will begin.

It is important to note, for an effective PPC campaign, it is important to deploy a long-term strategy even if you receive quick results.


To bring your project to a close, the debrief is an important stage that allows us to look at the project as a whole, and improve our PPC marketing and PPC management process. This is also the time to look at our complimentary services to help you get more leads and make more sales for your business.

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